The Bergman & Beving Group

Essve is part of Bergman & Beving, one of Northern Europe’s leading holding firms operating within the construction and industrial sectors.

Building Brands for Better Business

The Bergman & Beving corporate group was founded in 1906 and has over the past 100 years come to be a home for successful companies aiming to become leaders within their industries. Within the Bergman & Beving group brands get the opportunity to run and develop their businesses in an environment characterised by freedom under responsibility, by doing so the decisions are made where the knowledge is the greatest. As a corporate group Bergman & Beving offers financial resources and competences within the areas of brand management, law and finance. 

We summarise our values with key words such as:

  • Responsibility & freedom
  • Simplicity & efficiency
  • Openness & a willingness to change

We build world-class brands for professional users within the manufacturing and construction sectors.

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