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  • Area of usage

    ESSVE FIRESTOP - FIRE PUTTY is a fire putty which, through its wide range of applications, simplifies the fire sealing of routed cables and pipes. 

    ESSVE FIRESTOP - FIRE PUTTY is intended for fire sealing in fire class EI 60 to EI 120 of cables and metal pipes in wall construction. 

    Process the putty by hand. Use fingers of tools mount the putty in the opening around the cable or pipe to a depth of at least 20mm.

    Perfect to for holes where a simple and cost- effective solution is sought. The soft properties of the material provide a simple modification of the fire seal, which also enables the removal of existing cables or the installation of new ones.

    Noise reduction: 64dB

  • Description

    ESSVE FIRESTOP - FIRE PUTTY is a white silicone-based and non-curing fire putty for cable and pipe penetrations. In the event of a fire, a blockage of fire-resistant filler is formed which limits the passage of smoke and fire. 

    The long shelf-life of five years makes ESSVE FIRESTOP – FIRE PUTTY a product to have on hand when the need arises.

    Approved in fire class:

    EN 13501-1, 

    EN 13501-2 21/0195

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